Beautify things never seek for attention.

Besides working with computers, I also teach Yoga, and I am also an Archer. I live my life according to these principles.

From time to time, I take photographs when I travel. I also have a books list which contains all books I am either reading, want to read, or have already read.

As a human being with needs to express oneself, I write a blog called Hamiltonian. Within it, I write about everything not limited to technology or computer science. I try to write articles with a high quality standard and hope you enjoy reading my pieces.

On the day Elon Musk aquired Twitter, I moved my Twitter feed to Thoughts where you may find my small thoughts from day to day life.

If you would like to write something on my Guestbook, that would be more than wonderful.

Wish you find truth through thinking. After all, this is the only process which differenciates us from animals.