Olympia - Édouard Manet


This is a working-in-progress list of principles I hold onto myself to live my life.

Updated on May 12, 2022

Always Choose The Harder Path

Whenever there is a choice I have to make, I will compare them and find out which one is harder to achieve. Then, go for the harder one. I will have fewer people on this path, but it will be much easier to find the correct group of people to be around with. Also, my life will be fulfilled with meaningful challenges if I always choose the harder path.

Be Brave

There are thousands of millions different outcomes with a single move in life. So, there is no need to stress out if I need to do things no one has ever done before. The meaning of life is breaking all currently fixed limits. Just relax, enjoy, and play.

Have My Own Standards

When I was an undergrad, I picked up a bad habbit from some of my peers where I delay the reply to emails. Now, I am trying my every best to get rid of this bad practice. There are a lot of things the majority do which are not good practices nor excuses for me to do them. I don't care what other people do, I have my own standards.

Choose People Around Carefully

A person is not only defined by oneself but also people around one. I have conducted innumerable experiments within different groups of people, and the conclusion is alway the same. I will be influenced by how other people do things no matter how hard I tried to resist in the first place. Thus, I will have to choose people who will be around myself for a long period of time very carefully to make sure I will not be a person I hate when my life ends.

Respect Other People's Priorities

I learned this through having students coming from different background. Everyone has one's own priorities based on one's life practices, and I cannot judge them based on my own life experiences. I will trust people understand their lives and their own choices. The most importantly, I have zero responsibilities on other people's life or faults.

Do Things Slowly But Firmly

I do not need to achieve anything within one day, but only one single step everyday. Never quit and keep on going.

Always Schedule Time To Be Alone

Alone time allows me to talk to myself and reflect what I have done. When I am alone, I don't compare myself with others. I won't lower my standards if others are not working or complaining. This is a crucial part in my life.